Protestors Push for Pregnant Women


By Rochelle Dean


It's a International movement that's giving a new meaning to Labor day. Many women who've experienced those labor pains and the men who were by their sides during it, are now pushing for pregnant women to have more evidence based births.

Dozens of them brought their fight to the streets some with signs, and in some cases even with children in hand - just outside of the state house.

" It's a human rights issue. It's my choice where i have my baby, how i have my baby and with whom i have my baby and for that to be questioned is very upsetting."

Lesley Singleton is a certified Douala, a cheerleader if you will for women giving birth. Singleton says the first time she had a baby she had no clue what her options were. An occurrence many of these women say is all too common.
And soon some fear they may have fewer alternatives.

Several bills slated to be discussed in the upcoming legislative session could put new laws and regulations in place that govern birthing centers and may require mid-wives to work under the supervision of an obstetrician.

Whether you choose to have your child in a hospital - birth center or the privacy of your own home - these protestors say that choice should still be yours.

The group has started a facebook page and are asking people to post pictures about how they are trying to create more evidence based births along with the hash tag #break the silence.

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