State of the State Address


By Rochelle Dean


Governor Nikki Haley Talked about the past year and how many of the successes South Carolina has been able to achieve despite the challenges thrown in the State's direction.

One of those challenges was the state hacking which she says " The state could have done a better job in the past and will do a better job in the future".

The governor says she has already taken steps to ensure that. Including better securing personal and sensitive data, factoring new ID's for all D.O.R. employees, and protecting the most sensitive information separately and securely.

The Governor also talked about Jobs and how The state has been able to create jobs in 45 of the states 46 counties creating the lowest unemployment rate here in the state in 4 years.

While she received a lot of applause for many of her statements, some lawmakers were unhappy about the lack of specifics given during her speech. Some saying it's nice to know that she wants to continue to grow the state of South Carolina, but would also like to know how she plans to carry it out.
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