Tree Falls on Car With Man Inside


By News Department

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- A storm packing winds nearly 30 miles per hour rolled through the Midlands just before 4:00 Wednesday afternoon.

The winds, called straight line winds can pack a punch and are capable of leaving destruction in their path, especially with trees.

For Nathaniel Wright, Sr. that scenario played out while driving near the intersection of Colonial Drive and Ashley Street when a tree fell on his car.

"All of a sudden I just looked up and I noticed the tree just looked like the tree was coming down," says Wright.

Wright says he was able to get away from the most serious damage, but he didn't get out scott-free. His car was damaged, but he says he is thankful he is okay.

"I know the good Lord and his angels were really watching over me today," says Wright.
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