Two Proposed Gun Bills Could Change Permits


By Rochelle Dean


It's an issue that remains divided. Should gun owners who possess a permit be able to carry them inside places that sell alcoholic beverages.
Some here in the midlands say the right to bear arms means they should be able to bear them wherever they go. Others say mixing bullets and booze is a bad idea.

Both options are up for debate in the State House next week when lawmakers resume their session. One aiming at allowing permit holders to bring them into bars and restaurants as long as they do not consume alcohol. The other, trying to get rid of concealed weapon permits altogether.

Senator Shane Massey is sponsoring the bill that would help expand the rights of concealed weapon owners. Senator Massey says, while he can understand how some may become frustrated with the permit process. Overall, he's concerned with getting rid of permits completely.

Senator Massey says the permits actually helps law enforcement determine who is a law abiding, trained gun owner and who is carrying illegally. Massey believes since to get a permit you must undergo a background check, have your fingerprints on file with SLED and the FBI those individuals are less likely to have criminal intent.

Some residents agree. DJ and Local resident Bakari Lebby says he often works in bars and nightclubs where he knows concealed weapons are on the property. He has no problem with it as long as the individuals are not drinking and know how to protect them weapon they're carrying. Still, it's an idea some say is hard to swallow.

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