Two Sisters Give Mom, Puppies New Life


By Crandall Sims

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- "These are people that are out to just make money completely off the dogs. Some dogs I would imagine could have been bred over and over and over, numerous times," says Lindsay Etheredge, foster mom for PETSinc.

Etheredge is currently fostering three dogs rescued from a reported puppy mill bust in Chesterfield County.

Etheredge will foster the dogs for the next six weeks. It's her first time as a foster mom. But after seeing the dogs when they came into PETSinc. this week, she says she couldn't say no.

"It's sad and it's depressing to know that somebody could take a sweet dog like this and you know breed her numerous times and keep her in what we were told would be like rabbit cages, says Etheredge.

In all more than 40 dogs were taken, about a dozen of them went to PETSinc.

The puppies we saw Friday, are believed to be about a week old.
The puppies are so young they haven't even opened their eyes.

But finding the dogs foster homes is only the beginning, they need forever homes.

Lucky for Peppermint, she already knows her new mom.

"I just fell in love with her," says Kelli Feathers, adopting Peppermint.

"I saw all these dogs that were living in inhumane conditions, two and three to a cage from what we were told, it just breaks my heart," says Peppermint.

Feathers says when she first saw the dogs, she couldn't believe it.

"How could people do this, how could people do this to animals?," says Feathers

A new life is starting for Peppermint and her Peppermint Patties, but Etheredge says this is an eye opener.

"People need to be aware that breeder mills are out there and this is not the only one," says Etheredge.

For more on how you can help the dogs in tonight's story call PETSinc at 803-739-9333.
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