COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- "All of our employees do care and sometimes when all they contact us by is phone or email, they don't see that. They get some personal attention tonight," said Leanne Wilden, Regional VA Director Key words, personal attention. Some veterans, who attended Thursday's town hall meeting, say they didn't get that attention. "It was a waste of time," says Earl Ravenell, U.S. Army Veteran Ravenell traveled from Charleston after hearing about the meeting on TV. "It was a bunch of talking, you know, a lot of promises and I don't think it's going to produce any type of results," says Ravenell Back inside, thirty employees were on hand to assist with claims while Wilden made this statement. "I will stand here and I will tell you, my first priority isn't to reduce veteran benefits, my first priority is to grant veterans benefits to those that have been waiting the longest," says Wilden. She cited 14,000 veterans who are waiting. Still, some veterans raised concerns over Thursday's meeting. "There's some soldiers that have been waiting ten years for an answer. They need to produce the answers to those people who fought for this country, lay down their lives. For us to be here at this town hall meeting and get no answers, it's kind of making me mad," says Ravenell. Weldin released a statement Friday that said, in part, "Our goal remains to ensure veterans are familiar with the benefits they have earned, and to assist them with timely and accurate handling of their claims."