Scam Targets South Carolinians After Hacking


By Crandall Sims

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- "Scammers follow the headlines," says Juliana Harris of the Department of Consumer Affairs.

Following last year's security breach of the South Carolina Department of Revenue, scammers have their eyes on your inbox.

The email claims to be an identity theft alert from Equifax credit monitoring. But, beware it's fake, as soon as you click on the embedded link scammers attempt to take your money.

It's circulating, one during tax time, and at the same time as a legitimate Experian email notifying South Carolinians that their personal information was, in fact, stolen during the hacking.

Harris says questions are pouring in.

"Is it legitimate, what should I do," says Harris.

Harris says one way to tell the difference in a legitimate email and a scam is look at the information and verbage.

"Even in the Experian,t here's a lot of information there's a lot of verbage in there, so that's an indicator that it could be a legitimate email, is that you've got that, you know, that extra content," says Harris.

But, if you just aren't sure Harris says you can call the company who supposedly sent the message or call Consumer Affairs.

And just this week, Consumer Affairs released "The Worried About Identity Theft," You Tube video to help further.

"It's always better safe than sorry and do some double checking before you go clicking around," says Harris.

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