Day After Christmas Shopping

Retails experts say it might not be enough


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- Retail experts say the day after Christmas is one of the five busiest shopping days of the year, and that includes, Christmas cash, gift cards, and taking back what you got for what you really want.

Drew Buchanan is someone who got something for Christmas he already had. "So when I opened it, my parents said 'Funny story. We didn't realize you already had the same pair of shoes.' That's cool so now I can go get the ones I really want."

He wasn't the only post-Christmas shopper hitting the mall to take something back, spend holiday cash, or use those gift cards.

"I got hats, jeans, T-shirts," one shopper told us.

However, retail experts say it might not be enough to top the 7.1 billion dollars they raked in last year. They partially blame what they call 'major distractions' this year for shoppers, including the looming fiscal cliff, the weather and the elementary school shooting in Newtown Connecticut.

Still, shoppers we spoke to braved long lines, heavy foot traffic and extended wait times to make the most of the holiday, the day after Christmas.
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