Talks Ongoing in Russia


By Rochelle Dean


All eyes are on the mounting conflict between Russia and the Ukraine and how is might impact is here at home. USC Professor, Judith Kalb says while she does not believe a war will result from the ongoing tensions, it could ave a world wide domino effect on our economy. Some impacts we have already seen according to Kalb in the form of rising gas prices and a dip in the stock market.

" The goal is to deescalate this...there is an absolute cause for concern because at this point as we all know we are a part of a 21st century world wide economy. We're all interconnected so if one piece misbehaves, then all of the other pieced will be effected."

Kalb says after a successful Olympic games, Russian President Vladimier Putin's main goal is to become even more powerful by gaining control over the peninsula Crimea thereby giving Russia more respect and control.

Secretary of State John Kerry says talks are making progress. That communication is expected to continue again Thursday.
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