Cold Snap Threatens Budding Crops


By Rochelle Dean


There have been several days where temperatures came close to 80 degrees, and while we may enjoyed the break from old man winter, it's fooled many crops into thinking it's spring. With some of those crops starting to bud early, some farmers are concerned a return to seasonable weather could lead to crop failure.

Eric McClam, Co-Owner of City Roots farm along Airport Boulevard, provides some of his locally grown crops to area restaurants, grows specialty items for local chefs and even sells items at grocery stores like wholefoods market.

McClam says the frost has already caused damage to a few of his radishes and lettuce. A massive crop failure could leave less produce to sell and end up force feeding you higher prices at the store.

To keep that from happening, McClam says he's protecting his harvest by keeping some of them stored in green houses, while covering planted crops with field blankets which can increase outdoor temperatures by 5 to 8 degrees.

McClam says "It makes us very concerned. We try to plant ahead of time as farmers, but mother nature is kind of a gamble. She can always change on you."
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