Councilman Steps Down, Leaves Town

Lexington Town Councilman Danny Frazier steps down, leaves town


By Monique Williams

Lexington, S.C. (WOLO) -- Outgoing Lexington town council member Danny Frazier's abrupt resignation raises eyebrows, amid allegations of his possible involvement with illegal gambling in South Carolina.

His resignation, which town officials say they received arounf 8:30 Friday morning, reads in part: "I recently built and moved my family to a new home located just outside the limits of the town of Lexington and therefore I am now precluded by statute from completing my term in office."

However, first term Mayor and outspoken colleague of Frazier's, Steve DacDougall, isn't convinced that's the only reason. In fact, a year and a half ago, then-councilman MacDougall, read a proclamation on behalf of the rest of council demanding Frazier step down due to allegations Frazier was connected to a state and federal criminal investigation into illegal gambling.

"We as council felt Frazier broke public trust," said MacDougall, who has been in office as mayor for less than three months. " We felt it was enough information that we had to ask him to resign his seat. It caused some damage among council."

Danny Frazier refused to resign.

He tells ABC Columbia news someone he thought was a friend secretly recorded him having a conversation about online sweepstakes parlors. Law enforcement officials often equate such parlors with illegal gambling.

we asked Frazier by phone if he is being investigated by state and/or federal officials in connection with illegal gambling. He responded, "I'm not gonna comment on that. I won't go there on that. But, the reason I resigned from town council is because I no longer live in the town limits, and you have to live within the town limits to serve on town council."

ABC Columbia News also contacted officials with the South Carolina law Enforcement Division (SLED) about the allegations. We were told by a spokesperson, "it would be inappropriate to comment" on the case.

A special election in the town of Lexington to fill the council seat vacated by the current mayor is March 4. On April 8, another special election will be held to replace the seat now vacated by Frazier. Petitions are being accepted for that position until February 14.

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