No Mistrial in Pinson Case


By News Department

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) -- A judge in the trial of former South Carolina State University trustee Jonathan Pinson says there will be no mistrial.

The defense wanted a mistrial after one of the jurors told the court that she could not continue past Thursday. According to court officials, jurors were told proceedings in the case would not go past Thursday.

Prosecutors argued that juror is well within her rights to leave on said day, whether a verdict is reached or not. Prosecutors also said there are several cases where there have only been eleven jurors.

In the end, the judge will give jurors until 11:30am Thursday to reach a verdict. If they do not, the judge will dismiss that one juror, and the remaining eleven will continue deliberations.

Pinson faces 45 counts of federal charges of public corruption.

Pinson's attorneys maintain their client, whom they call a successful businessman, and also husband and father of three, was trying to make money and that's no crime.

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