Deputies: Escaped Columbia Mental Patient Captured


By Crandall Sims

Williamson Co., TN, (WOLO)-- The search for escaped Columbia mental health patient, 39 year old Jason Carter, came to an end Thursday morning at a motel about 40 miles outside of Nashville.

Carter was wanted after escaping from the Craft Farrow Hospital in Columbia Thursday morning.

"It is possible that policies and procedures were not followed," says Mark Binkley, Spokesperson - SC Department of Mental Health

Binkley says an internal investigation is underway.

An early morning ping from Carter's cell phone aided in the search, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol.

Binkley says patients are not allowed to have cell phones.

Tonight, we're learning more about Carter. Officials say he was involuntarily committed to Craft Farrow after a 2009 acquittal, by reason of insanity, in 2009 for the murders of his mother and stepfather, of Seneca, in 2006.

Since 2010, Binkley says, Carter has been a part of the patient work program.

While in that program, Carter was paid what Binkley calls near-minimum wage.

That may explain how he was able to buy the Chevrolet Lumina that, Tennessee Authorities say, he purchased after getting rid of the getaway car -- a white, chevy van-- stolen from the South Carolina Department of Mental Health.

Binkley says the patient work program has been suspended pending an investigation.

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