Grilling Safety


By Rochelle Dean


" this is the season, it's grilling time"
but if you don't take the proper precautions - it can also be a dangerous time.

As Independence day approaches - many of you are looking forward to celebrations with family and friends that often include cooking outdoors.

The Columbia Fire Department says this is peak season for grilling fires that can rapidly alter a simple past time - and turn it into a fiery nightmare.

Fire officials say taking a few safety steps can ensure the only fireworks you see this holiday will be the ones bursting in the sky.

and there's more...check hoses and propane tanks for leaks.
make sure the area around the grill is a no play zone to avoid unnecessary accidents. avoid wearing long hanging clothing that can catch fire.
never grill inside garages or carports ·
and if you use a charcoal grill, purchase the proper starting fluid.

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