Runoff Election Dos & Don'ts


By Monique Williams

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) -- A state elections spokesperson clears up what he calls common misconceptions about runoff elections, as South Carolina sees its first one in years wherein candidates from both the Republican and Democratic parties are represented.

"People think that if they didn't vote in the primary they can't vote in the runoff and that's not true," said Chris Whitmire, spokesperson for the State Election Commission.

Whitmire says that is a misconception that keeps registered voters from going to the polls. He does point out, though, that you must stick to the party of your choice you cast your ballot for in the June 24th runoff election that you chose in the June 10th primary election. He also reminds voters to present one of the five valid forms of photo ID upon arriving to the polls.

Voter turnout could be below 10 percent, considering primary voter turnout was 16%. Runoff turnout traditionally declines from primary voter turnout.

For more information and to view a sample ballot, go to
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