Supreme Court Rules over Birth Control Lawsuit


By Rochelle Dean


If you or your spouse work for -and get health benefits through family owned businesses Hobby Lobby and the Christian Book Store.

The Faith Based Companies argued the affordable health care act - which was created in part to reduce the disparity of out of pocket cost for birth control - like the morning after pill and i-u-d's violates *their religious* beliefs.

Some like USC law professor Jacquiline Fox says this decision denies employees who don't share those opinions control over *their own* reproductive rights and could lead to chaos.

"it's very unusual and kind of weird. i understand people have very strong held religious beliefs, i'm not trying to say i don't respect that... I don't like things that take people in our society and make them feel unwelcomed, isolated or treated unfairly and I worry this will be interpreted that way."

Not everyone shares her perspective though. including the charleston Datholic Diocese who issued a statement in favor of the ruling saying in part quote.

"they should not have to check their values and religious convictions at the door when they enter the marketplace. the high court’s decision confirms that a society dedicated to freedom and diversity must respect the freedom of its citizens to live and work in accordance with their religious convictions. "

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