USC Offers First Ever Gun Class by Female Instructor

Instructor also first in South Carolina


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- A Midlands woman says she'll soon be in charge of teaching University of South Carolina students how to protect themselves and making statewide history at the same time.

Don't let Jody Lynch's blonde hair, manicured nails and high heeled boots fool you. The licensed gun dealer and owner of Southern Safety, LLC means business.

"I want people in general to not be victims," said Lynch. "If they've ever been a victim, I don't want them to be one again."

The former law enforcement officer and Air Force veteran is so serious about people, particularly young people, protecting themselves, she will teach a semester-long basic riflery course at the University beginning in August. It's a first for USC, and it makes Lynch says she is the first female collegiate rifle instructor in the state.

She says the 20 class spots for the basic riflery course, under the physical education umbrella at the University, are almost gone.

"I want them to know how to properly use a gun and be safe with it. The biggest part of this class is safety."

The concealed weapons permit instructor allowed us a behind-the-barrel view of what students, most of whom she expects will be first-timers, can expect this August.

"If they're not doing what they're supposed to to be safe they won't be in the class at all."

That's the kind no-nonsense approach she hopes carries USC students to the top of the school's first basic riflery class.

"With this program, the sky is the limit."

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S F Stewart said on Sunday, Jul 7 at 5:32 PM

I believe that Sgt. Rice fails to grasp the concept of former Deputy Lynch's class. I am a middle-aged male who is new to rifle shooting; I received my state's gun owner permit only a few months ago. I would PREFER to have a female instructor (no correlation with her marital status or age; I am not a sexist). In my experience, women generally have better judgment than men when to "go easy" on a beginner and when to hand out "tough love" appropriately. Obviously, I do not know if the people in Ms. Lynch's class must be current USC students, but she is the type of person from whom I wish to learn — especially regarding safety and FOLLOWING RULES.

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Sgt SW Rice said on Wednesday, Apr 17 at 1:33 PM

Why do they call South Carolina the slow South? NEW ANSWER from flazatty South Carolina is composed of backward, ignorant, slow-minded persons. They

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Georgia King said on Friday, Apr 12 at 9:30 AM

To SW Rice. Oh did I forget the Sgt.? I know Miss Lynch, I took her class, and I have my CWP. I am 65 Yrs Old and sick and tired of being afraid of not being in my cage like some dog, for fear of the dark! So when the sun goes down and I don't have to go home. I can exercise my right to freedom as I should be able to do, taking a walk, going to where ever and when ever I want to. I am not dangerous but I refuse to be a statistic! Do you keep up with the current events? How many college woman have been murdered just in the last year? How many people have been murdered by an intruder? Reading your text above I see you are a "former" cop? Wonder why? Look at the response time of police to an active crime; budget cuts have diminished law enforcement. In your mind is it because she is a woman with the guts and courage to care. Does she threaten your mental thoughts in some way? This gun class will HELP not HINDER law enforcement. Saves money too! No more looking for the bad guy (or woman)

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WomanShooter said on Thursday, Apr 11 at 8:07 PM

I think we need to buy a one way bus ticket for Mr. Rice to head back to where he came from. He hates SC. So be it. Pack up and leave.

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SK Milford said on Thursday, Apr 11 at 2:23 PM

Not quite sure what the stir is about... It is my understanding that the class offered is an "elective". Being just that, it is within the students rights to "elect" to take the class provided space is available. Ms. Lynch appears to be an astute business woman that can provide the training outlined within the course sylybus. Could others? Possibly, but the University selected her to deliver this course based on her certifications and qualifications. I'm truly sorry Mr. Rice does not like the state in which he has selected to reside.

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DL Pyland said on Thursday, Apr 11 at 10:51 AM

One final statement and set of questions from Sgt Rice's posting, thinking and mental aptitude! What is the real issue here for you. Is it Anti-Gun, Ant-NRA, Anti-Southern, Anti-Female, and or/Anti Race? Seems there is more to your posting that the Rifle Course at USC with Mrs. Lynch as an Instructor. Are you sure you serve in the US Air Force and not some other country's Air Force. Please seek immediate professional help. You're so Narcissistic. I get from your comments, "It's all about me,(Sgt Rice), and I can teach and do what Mrs. Lynch is doing and I teach the same thing. But yet you have a problem with what? Please, seek a Mental Status Exam with your nearest Psychotherapist. Obviously you are dazed and confused on the issues. Failing to comprehend the article and the intent of USC, Mrs. Lynch and the Course offered. Wishing you nothing but the best on your outcome with treatment, if you decide to seek help!

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DL Pyland said on Thursday, Apr 11 at 10:19 AM

Would love to have a battle of wits and knowledge with Sgt Rice, but was taught not to fight with an unarmed person! Sgt Rice is obviously a Legend In His Own Mind. The Wyatt Earp of Shaw Air Force Base! Please Sgt Rice, talk to the Commander so he will decide and refuse to send the Air Wings stationed at Shaw to fight in battles anywhere. Hypocrite! I (Sgt Rice thinking) served in the Military that has weapons which protect the Country, but want restrictions on individuals whom may need to protect their person. Duh Sorry this is over Sgt Rices head. Go Air Force!!!!

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DL Pyland said on Thursday, Apr 11 at 9:50 AM

Sgt Rice has issues it seem, but can not find the State Line to take him out of this State he despices! His advance knowledge made him a Sgt, Whoop Whoop!. As a cop in the Air Force he probably never attend a crime scene and probably never saw the need for arming ones self, because he and his rapid response team flew to the scene in a Stealth Fighter or Bomber, within a second of a stabbing, shooting, burglary or rape occurring! However, his ranting only makes me wonder about the recruitment of the Air Force. Because he fails to comprehend this is a Basic course of material for Competition. The weapon being used is a pellet gun for training, but Sgt Rice wants them banned too I suppose. I sure hope he received proper training prior to being issued a weapon when he was a Air Force Sgt and cop! Illogical thinking on the part of Sgt Rice! In the Air Force, Special Ops for you must have meant cleaning the Latrine. God Help America, if we place our Security and Safety with Sgt Rice!!!

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Sgt SW Rice said on Thursday, Apr 11 at 8:49 AM

Just left a rebuttal on the WIS 1320 AM morning show feel free to chime in. One caller asked why is the rifle course in the PE department it offers no Physical education aside from shooting skills etc and little if no self defense value. On a side-bar I am also allied with Representative Bakari Sellers and his stance against the NRA and pro gun lobby and Representative Gilda Cobb-Hunter and the NAACP and other organizations including Mayor Benjamin's "interfaith summit vs gun violence."

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Sgt SW Rice said on Thursday, Apr 11 at 8:04 AM

To my critics. I don't need the notoriety! I never wanted to come to your "jacked-up" state in the first place! BTW I helped to bring down your confederate flag! You people did not even care when it went up during Strom Thurmond's racist time period. And Lindsey is not much better. You people need help. Jody Lynch teaching a "sport" gun course is idiotic. I could do the same thing. I have the same credentials. I still do to the "num-nuts" who think I am in moth-balls. I am not going to exploit the fears propped up by the NRA and the gun nuts. You that read this might be those kind? The bottom line even good old Lindsey is willing to put a halt to his antics to allow the President of the United States policies and bills on this gun debate to work. I'd advise you people and Jody Lynch to do the same and not by teaching a underwater basket weaving course!!! More of my views @ social media WLTX,WIS,WACH and on 620 AM, 1230 AM and 1320 AM!!! I am also the point of contact for the NYC GA's!

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RFBenoit said on Wednesday, Apr 10 at 9:25 PM

Well Sgt SW Rice you must have been or maybe still the pride of your dept or organization. But a cwp and a rifle course are two different things, two totally different training objectives. I believe that anytime that someone can train or teach gun safety to people at any age from children to the elderly should not be criticized but applauded, seems like Mrs Lynch has what it takes to get the job done. So don't be a hater.....

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DL Pyland said on Wednesday, Apr 10 at 7:59 PM

Sgt. Rice seems to have an identity crisis gong on in life. Obviously he never received the notoriety, he feels he deserves. Bla Bla, I was, I was! Get a LIFE! What a waste. Trying to condemn and tear down USC and Mrs. Lynch who is trying to ensure some of his (Sgt Rice) concerns are addressed. Doing something at least to point out and stress safety while carrying, storing and firing firearms. Seems every comment Sgt Rice made has a fallacy connected with the story. Seems many incidences where set in motion by someone who did not observe safety or the firearm procedures, advocated by Mrs. Lynch and the NRA! I'm retired military and have documentations and awards for my skills with many different weapons and weapons system, Bla Bla! Who Cares about yours or my view! Besides Sgt Rice, this course is not CWP, it's about learning the basics prior to participating in competition rifle training/firing, at the colligate level and possibly for Nationals or Olympics. It is called a sport.

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Sgt SW Rice said on Wednesday, Apr 10 at 7:09 PM ... Minneapolis police arrested a man with one of the other guns stolen from ... in burglaries from licensed gun dealers in Minnesota, ... instructor. I quit the NRA

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Sgt SW Rice said on Wednesday, Apr 10 at 7:07 PM

Does a video capture a DEA agent who accidentally shot himself while conducting a presentation on gun ... "DEA Agent Shoots Self During Gun Safety Class."

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Sgt SW Rice said on Wednesday, Apr 10 at 7:03 PM

3-year-old dies from possible self-inflicted gunshot Sumter, South Carolina, police said a 3-year-old boy is dead from a possible self-inflicted gunshot wound to his upper body

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Sgt SW Rice said on Wednesday, Apr 10 at 6:49 PM

This "underwater basket weaving" 101! This is going to be a waste of time on the part of Mrs. Lynch and USC. Everybody and their brother is trying to arm people with CWP's and trying to teach them to defend themselves. This going about it in a backwards kind of way. In a perfect world I'd want all to get the training I got as a Air Force police officer and my training from Special Operations. But it ain't going to happen. The NRA wants law enforcement at every school in North America it can't be done. The course Mrs. Lynch is teaching I learned the same thing in my Boy Scout summer camp back in 1979. In 1984 I became a Air Force cop. I have many awards and decorations. Out of all I have learned as a former cop the key lesson is to use gun intelligence and responsibility. Real self defense comes with self control!!! With or without a weapon (hand-to-hand, rifle or handgun).

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