Dad Kicked Out, Parker Trial Drama

Suspect's father thrown out of court


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- Day Two of the Brett Parker double murder trial started off with the defendant's father being held in contempt and kicked out of the courtroom.

Jack Parker, Brett Parker's father, who has become a mainstay fixture of this trial in support of his son, was held in contempt of court this morning and removed by sheriff's deputies. Judge DeAndrea Benjamin said she was informed that Parker had spoken to two jurors Wednesday, asking them if they were going to be sequestered.

It is against the rules for anyone to speak to jurors about any aspect of the trial.

Upon being kicked out, we caught up with the elder Parker and asked him about the incident. "The jurors have identified the wrong person," he said. "I know the rules. I know you are not supposed to talk to the jury. I am upset because I want to be there for my son."

He may re-enter the courtroom, only escorted by authorities if and when it is time for him to testify. He is one of approximately 150 potential witnesses that could be called to the stand. Two of those include Brett and Tammy Jo Parker's two children who are 14 and five.

Brett David Parker is on trial, accused of killing his wife, Tammy Jo and business associate, Brian Capnerhurst at the Parkers' home in Irmo last April. Prosecutors claim Parker, an admitted sports bookie, wanted his wife dead to cash in on a $1million life insurance policy to get out of mounting gambling debt. Defense attorneys claim their client may be a gambler but that does not mean he is also a killer. They also are attempting to prove police tampered with evidence, and they say that proves reasonable doubt.

We will have more of the dramatic unfolding of the facts in the Brett Parker trial on ABC Columbia News at 6:00.
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