Sex, Lies, Money and a 911 Tape

Graphic evidence revealed in Brett Parker trial


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- Jurors heard the frantic 9-1-1 call Brett Parker made just moments after his wife and business associate were gunned down in Parker's own home.

Jurors were presented with several pieces of evidence and listened to intense testimony that included tales of sex, lies, gambling and the emergency call placed to 9-1-1 the day of the crimes. Listening to a hysterical Brett Parker was too much for those in the court room to bear, many of them bursting into tears and dropping their heads. The suspect himself wad red-faced with tears and at one point dropped his head in his hands before laying his head on the table.

In it, Parker can be heard saying that Brian Capnerhurst shot and killed his wife Tammy Jo Parker and that he returned fire on Capnerhurst in self-defense. "I shot him! I think I killed him!" Parker can be heard screaming on the call.

Tammy Jo Parker and Brian Capnerhurst were gunned down last April in the Parkers' Irmo home. Prosecutors claim Brett Parker is an adulterer who wanted to cash in on his wife's $1million life insurance policy. Defense attorneys allege Parker might be a sports bookie and a gambler, but that he is not a murderer and shot Brian Capnerhurst in self defense.

There is a list of 150 potential witnesses who could be called to testify in the trial; two of those include the Parkers' children who are 14 and five. Court is scheduled to resume Thursday morning at 9:30.
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