United Way Releases Homeless Numbers


By Rochelle Dean


startling new numbers released from the United Way's report show the numbers of services being offered to those living on the street is up. And so are the numbers of people finding themselves homeless for the first time.

While the chronically homeless who've been living on the street for years are taking advantage of services...numbers indicate there's also a growing number of families with children and an emerging issue of young adults now in need of services as well.

Lauren Angelo Duck with UNited Way tells us,
" a large population is reporting homelessness for the first time and i think those are the people who've been effected by the loss of a job or the bad economy."

and numbers don't lie...in our region.... 35 percent more families according to the united way have received services this year than in 20-10. Among them - more than a thousand homeless children.

The United Way says this is an issue that's not going away on it's own. Representatives tell us more affordable housing could be a key component to help people get back on their feet.

The organization started the Midlands Housing Trust Fund in 2010 and so far has helped more than 40 people get housing, and plans for more housing is ongoing.

If you would like to donate monetarily or your time you can contact the United Way at

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