Active Pattern for Wednesday's Weather


By Jonathan Oh

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- A powerful cold front that has been the culprit of heavy rains, strong winds, and storms in the South.
The timing on this system has shifted just a little bit, so we're expecting activity to pick up in the mid to late afternoon, Throughout the evening with the central Midlands experiencing severe storms and wind gusts.

A very warm air mass is now over the entire eastern seaboard. We saw overnight lows getting stuck in the 60s, which is warmer than our normal daytime highs. Dewpoint levels are also in the 60s, meaning that the air is pretty saturated with moisture. When you have moisture and a strong cold front that will shove the air into high parts of the atmosphere, that will lead to some strong storms and windy conditions. A Wind Advisory begins at 11 a.m. and will not expire until 6 a.m. Thursday, and even then, we're expecting to see breezy conditions throughout the day Thursday and Friday.

Our main threat today will be strong and possibly damaging winds. I am noticing there is a little bit of a discrepancy in how the air is flowing on the ground level where we are and how it is flowing higher in the sky. Whenever you see that change, we have to look out for possible isolated tornadoes if it starts twisting. Because of this twist, there is a minimal, isolated threat of tornadoes today. The storms out west have produced a slew of warnings for tornadoes, though we will have to see this morning whether the storms actually produced any. It is likely many of the storm damage will be straight-line winds (we use the term "straight-line" to give clarification between this and the twisting winds that may be associated with a tornado).

For a more detailed analysis on what to expect for this Wednesday, visit the ABC Columbia Weather page by clicking here or click on Weather at the top of this page.

Reg Taylor and I have been working together on the forecast during the past few days for this event, so we will keep you informed about the latest weather situation on-air, online, and on your mobile phone with the ABC Columbia smartphone app. You can also call the ABC Columbia Weather Forecast Line for the latest updates at (803) 200-2595.
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