Charges Against SCNAACP Pres. Not Dropped


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- State NAACP President Lonnie Randolph will have to wait a little longer to see if charges against him will be dismissed. This, after City of Columbia attorneys say they need more time to review evidence.

Deferring to his attorney for comment to reporters, State NAACP President Lonnie Randolph left a Columbia city courtroom not knowing if he will be tried on disorderly conduct and other charges.

"We are very disappointed that a decision that seems obvious was not reached today, " said Joe McCulloch, Randolph's attorney.

McCullough, argued that surveillance video, numerous affidavits and other evidence prove his client's erratic behavior at a local dry cleaner's July 13th, was the result of a diabetic episode and not criminal behavior. Randolph refused to pay his bill, would not vacate the premises and resisted arrest, according to officers. The 63-year-old diabetic, who claims his confrontation with police was edited out or surveillance video released to the media, says his teeth were knocked out and he sustained other minor injuries after the physical altercation with officers.

"The City has historic knowledge, as outlined in affidavits of his condition, even his appearance before city council asking them to provide more training in this area to officers," said McCulloch.

However, attorneys for the City say affidavits provided are "certainly a lot to sift through. We'd like the opportunity to interview the appropriate people."

The court agreed.

If this case reaches the point of a jury trial and/or a conviction, Randolph faces jail time and fines. No word, yet, on a timeline for city attorneys to review evidence.
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