Missing in the Midlands


By Crandall Sims

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- Gabbiee Swainson, Amir Jennings, Dail Dinwiddie, and Kimberly Parrish, all of these people vanished from right here in the Midlands and none of the cases are solved.

August 2012, that's when 15 years old Gabrielle Swainson, according to her mother, vanished from teh Northeast Columbia home.

Freddie Grant, an alleged acquaintance of Gabbiee's mother has since been charged in connection wtih her disappearance.

He's currently serving time for an ammunition conviction.

But, even with an arrest and multiple searches, no has reported seeing the teenager.

However, investigators say the case remains active.

Just down the road in downtown Columbia, the search for missing toddler Amir Jennings has gone cold with no new leads, according to police.

He was just 18 months old the last time he was seen on bank surveillance video with his mother, Zinah Jennings.

She is currently serving a ten year sentence in connection with his disappearance.

Amir would turn three years old next month.

More than 20 years have passed since then 23 year old Dail Dinwiddie disappeared from a bar in Five Points following a U2 concert.

Last year, an aged progressed photo of her was released, she would be 43 years old today.

But police say, there's nothing new on the case.

And just an hour outside of Columbia, the search for missing mother, Kimberly Parrish took a shocking turn last week when they man accused of killing her allegedly told a cell mate he fed her body to an alligator.

Parrish hasn't been seen since late December 2012.

But there is one missing case here in the Midlands that stands to offer hope. In 2006, Elizabeth Shoaf, then 14, was kidnapped and held in an underground bunker for days. After convincing her captor, Vinson Filyaw, to leave Shoaf was rescued. Filyaw is in prison. Shoaf and her family remain in the Midlands.

As for the other unsolved cases, investigators continue to ask for help. If you have any information call CRIMESTOPPERS AT 1-888-CRIME-SC.
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