Dog Driven Across 5 States to SC, Saved from Death


By Crandall Sims

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- Sunday brought a homecoming weeks in the making for a dog named Bunny Sue and her new owner, Sara Perron.

"Two weeks ago I got a phone call and I found out that my brother had been found dead in his home and he had been there a couple weeks," says Perron.

Also with him, his four-legged best friend, Bunny Sue.

"I was shocked and surprised that she was still alive," says Perron.

Perron says Bunny Sue was then taken to the same pound in Louisiana that her brother rescued her from 5 years ago.

Perron would soon learn Bunny Sue had just days to live. But, with the distance between them it was nearly impossible to get her home.

With the help of a friend, Sara Perron found 'Kindred Hearts Transport Connection.' With 2,800 members nationwide, including several here in the Midlands, the organization makes homecomings like this possible everyday.

"Very rewarding, very rewarding," says Trisha Blackmon, a drive team member of Kindred Hearts Transport Connection.

Blackmon was part of Bunny Sue's transport that included traveling through five states. Stop after stop, Bunny Sue found herself making new friends and one step closer to being home. Until, finally on leg 13, she was home.

"She won't have to be sitting in the shelter worrying about when is her day to die," says Blackmon.

Instead, she's in Florence, South Carolina making new friends.

"Everyone is figuring out where the food is, where the beds are and standing in line for the treats," says Perron.

In the meantime, 'Kindred Hearts,' would be off to help another famly and it's those that helped to bring Bunny Sue home that Perron thanks the most.

"Even though I couldn't do anything for my brother the thing that I'd like to do in his honor is to make sure that his loyal dog, who was with him in the end, could find another forever home," says Perron.

Sara Perron is the mother of ABC Columbia Photojournalist Matt Perron.

For more information on 'Kindred Hearts Transport Connection,' visit, there you will find information on how to sign-up to become part of drive teams across the country.

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