Fans Not Mincing Words on Lattimore, Draft

Gamecock Nation has mixed feelings on superstar possibly leaving


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- Word of Marcus Lattimore's possible jump to the NFL from USC spread quickly on campus, and fans are not mincing their words.
"I don't like him for that."

USC junior, Lucas Stephens, feels betrayed at news that superstar Gamecock running back Marcus Lattimore reportedly plans to enter the NFL draft.

"We've showed him more respect than any other player that came through the University of South Carolina," said Stephens. "That's more betrayal than I was thinking of."

He's not the only one feeling a little jaded.

"It's definitely disappointing for us," said USC student Caitlin Orr. "Honestly, I wish he'd stick around to finish his education."

"As a professor it's frustrating when student athletes get those opportunities, lucrative opportunities, and not finish their education," said David Britt.

The October 27th injury to Lattimore's right knee against Tennessee left fans stunned. Since then, he has received an outpouring of support, including a day being named in his honor by the City of Columbia and the State of South Carolina. Some fans we spoke with continued that excitement in spite of reports the Junior could be drafted.

"Obviously being a Carolina fan, I support him 110%, and he'll have an even better recovery in the NFL," said Lauren Goetzinger.

"If he plays here he might get injured again and may not get drafted, so he might as well get drafted at least," said Damien McQueen.

"Nothing's certain yet. He may not do it, so there's no telling," said Jeff Barnhill. He has a point. According to ESPN, an official announcement, with specific details on Marcus Lattimore's future, is expected later this week.
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