New Service for USC Students Starts Thursday


By Rochelle Dean


" the less time on the street, the better."

Columbia resident kiersten bell knows what she's talking about. bell use to walk along these same streets in five points during her time at USC.

Now more cautious - Bell says she likes the idea of a shuttle dedicated to students - giving them a more direct route back and forth to campus.

" I think it's awesome. it's a safe way for students to get home. it's free, students love that and it's safer then walking back to the dorms, because when i was in college you heard some horror stories.

Stories that carmen talent says she's hoping her daughter - an incoming usc freshman can avoid.

University officials have teamed up with the city of columbia to ease the concerns of many parents just like talent.
columbia police say these new safe haven zones near harden and college streets and saluda avenue will not only have portable lighting and signs to direct the students, cab's and shuttles where to go - but more law enforcement to boot.

Great news for one mother who says she's driving back home to georgia with a little more sense of security.

The safe haven zones will run every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11 at night until 6 in the morning.

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