Council Display Angers West Columbia Residents


By Rochelle Dean


Name calling, cursing and allegations hurled across a packed West Columbia city hall chambers Monday night still has some residents talking.
Many of them telling ABC Columbia News they were embarrassed by the heated debate between the Mayor and Councilman Tem Miles which boiled over.

That argument stemmed from a disagreement over Mayor Joseph Owens decision to form a special committee and meet to discuss the city administrator and police chief's contracts. However, some council members say they should have at least been notified of the meeting.

Leading Councilman Miles to amend language in the current ordinance that would require the Mayor have at least 3 council members present if and when another special committee is formed or meets.

That proposal passed the first reading Monday night, but must still go through two more readings before council before it can go into effect.
The initial discussion over the extension of the City Administration and Police Chief contracts also passed during Monday night's meeting.
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