Deputy Aull: "It was a day that could've easily gone wrong."


By Crandall Sims

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- "As I speak with you today, I thank God everyday that I have my life," says Deputy Sheila Aull, Richland County Sheriff's Department.

At the same time of day, one week to the day Richland County Deputy Sheila Aull sat down to talk about the chase that could've killed her.

"Just right off the bat, from that incident, there was something different about it. It's like a sixth sense, " says Aull

According to the Richland County Sheriff's Department, Aull was shot by 24 year old Adam Jugen.

"I heard a couple of deputies yell, Sheila are you hit. Sheila are you hit?," says Aull

Jurgen was running from deputies after he assaulted his pregnant girlfriend, say authorities.

"I was like a pit bull on a chain suddenly ready to go," says Aull

The chase, in total, would last twenty-two minutes and end with Aull injured and Jurgen dead.

"I think of his family and I pray for them. I pray for them and I'm sorry but it had to be done," says Aull

For the first time since that chase, today, Aull looked at the vest that saved her life.

"It's a very eary feeling, a very eary feeling," says Aull

She recalls steps taken by fellow deputies on that day that, she says, still give her goosebumps.

"All of a sudden it was like sworm of law enforcement surroundedd me. Almost like angels all around me," says Aull

The same 'angels' she rejoined on the force just days after the shooting.

"All I can say is I'm blessed and I'm glad nobody else got hurt. It was a day when it could've easily gone wrong," says Aull

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