Drug Forum Shows Parents Harsh Reality of Drug Use


By Rochelle Dean


School officials say they've recorded drug use in area schools as early as the eighth grade and Thursday night parents came out to A.C. Flora High School to get a tough lesson in the signs to look for.

Senior class President, Hagood Hemphill says images greeting them as they walked into the school giving a first hand look at the before and after results of drug use was disturbing to say the least.

That's exactly what Richland County Sheriff's and School officials were aiming to do. Showing students and their parents the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

What's worse, is some students say parents may not be as aware as they think when it comes to what they're children are doing when they're not around. Some say, drugs are easier to obtain and are disguised on a regular basis.

One group of students in attendance says they're trying to change that.
The program " above the influence" was started by a grant given to the school and students who are part of the program say it's helping them, help their peers.

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