Hopkins Sewer Meeting has Some Boiling


By Rochelle Dean


After 4 years of working on this - Richland county Officials are now trying to fix that broken system. Many of them - in these low lying areas of Richland that have long been the cause of water contamination because of problems with septic systems.

The solution - a 3 phase - 13 million dollar project that will create 5 collection zones. each with a pumping station to help filter raw sewage into nearby treatment plants.
but someone still has to pay for it.

"what concerns me the most is they're not sure what it's going to be. the 37 dollars a month is a guesstimate *if* they get a certain amount of people to tap into it, if they don't get as many people as they'd like that amount could go up."

As of right now county councilman Calvin Washington says the 37 dollars is a flat monthly rate - but that would be in addition to a one time 4 thousand dollar charge homeowners who would have the option to pay over a 48 month period.
Some longtime residents say they don't care how much it costs they are not going to foot the bill.

there will be another meeting for residents Thursday at the Hopkins Adult Activity Center beginning at 6pm.

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