Psychologist Warns About Tuiasosopo Hoax

CIU professor says we can all learn from hoax


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- A Midlands psychologist says when it comes to romantic relationships, online or otherwise, we can all learn from the girlfriend hoax involving mastermind, Ranaiah Tuiasosopo, and college football star Manti Te'o.

Local psychologist Dr. Leah Herod, with Columbia International University, says there are warning signs you can look for regarding matters of the heart and mind. She suspects Tuiasosopo had problems with intimacy, and therefore, hid behind the internet and created an elaborate online relationship for which he did not have to be physically present.

Here are some questions Dr. Herod recommends you should ask yourself before moving forward in any romantic relationship.

"Is the person trying to get to know you too fast? does what they say match up? Do they hide things? Are they too possessive in knowing what you're doing? Are they insecure, always talking about themselves?"

During an exclusive, two-day interview on The Dr. Phil Show, Ranaiah Tuiasosopo revealed he was molested as a child. Dr. Herod says people who resort to such unreality, in many cases, have faced some sort of abuse.

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