Rain Damages area Roads


By Rochelle Dean


Three weeks of straight rain has done a number on area roads and interstates. According to the Department of transportation more than 90 through fares are now riddled with potholes, others washed out completely by heavy rain.

Those rods are taking a toll on cars that are driving through the state. Several drivers say they have been trying to take it easy, knowing how much damage it can caused to your vehicle.

ABC Columbia went to an area car repair shop to find out how much damage can a small bump in the road cause. Service repair shop manager, Bill Vandiver says it can caused aliments to be thrown out of whack, shocks and struts to be damaged and can damage tires.

Here are some tale tell signs you could be in trouble. If your car is making a rattling noise or starting to shake when you reach high rates of speed you may have already damaged your struts.
If your car starts pulling to the left or right, chances are it's you're alignment. All problems that should be fixed as soon as possible, before it gets worse.

Vandiver says there may be few ways to avoid these type of cars repairs besides hitting the road with caution, but you can save money by getting regular maintenance on your car.

Vandiver says "take care of your car, and your car will take care of you."

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