Recent Rain Heightens Mosquito Threat


By Rochelle Dean


It's been a very wet summer so far, more than 5 inches of rain in Richland County alone in just the past 10 days. A huge contrast from this time last year when we were in drought.

The increased rainfall has also created more places for mosquito to breed hundreds of eggs each day, which means it could be a more active season since mosquito control companies like Vector say they have not been able to spray breeding sites that have standing water because of the rain.

To better protect the area around your home, Vector Director Tammy Brewer says empty out anything in your yard that is holding water. Everything from baby pools and bird baths, to pool covers and trash cans.

If filled with water from all of the recent rain, many of those places, in addition to the humidity create the perfect breeding grounds for the insects.

As soon as the rain stops, Vector says they plan to begin treating sites. In the meantime they are collecting samples to see what we're dealing with this year.

The good news is, even though we are seeing more of the pesky bugs, so far there have been no reported mosquito born illnesses this summer.
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