Some Not Sold on Proposed Development


By Rochelle Dean


The location has been on the radar for years and while city officials say HUD provided more than 20 million dollars for retail space, a proposed semi-private gated apartment complex may go up instead.

Residents turned out in droves, 40 of them signed up to speak before City Council to find out more, and voice their concerns about the proposal. Long time residents who've seen businesses come and go say they don't need more housing, they need something that will attract people and jobs.

Developers however say if approved, the new site would not only bring in foot traffic, but would create more than 2 hundred jobs in construction of the building. It would also generate more than 30 thousand dollars in property tax revenue.

Officials with CEZ say, retail space along that corridor has previously had a lack of support, one of the reasons they were open to other options. In addition, some say residents have the wrong idea. while affordable, developers say it would be far from low income with units ranging from 5 to 9 hundred dollars.

Still, some residents who want to see a bustling business district say they're not in favor of a plan they say might hurt the area more than help.

Right now there are no other offers on the table for this location.

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