Storm Tears Off Part Of Roof At The Lofts


By Crandall Sims

Monday meant round two for cleaning up the Midlands.
Sunday night a fast moving thunderstorm hit the Midlands unleashing powerful winds.

The storm winds were especially visible at Carolina Stadium as a golf car was moved across the field by the winds.

Jeff Davis, Associate Athletic Director for the University of South Carolina, spoke with us about the storm.

"it just came up all of a sudden, sort of a microburst if you will, in meteorology terms, but yeah, a very scary situation," says Davis.

Residents at The Lofts weren't expecting the storm either.

Brian McGuffee says, "It was raining like crazy, I actually started seeing wind over the pool area, but I didn't actually see the spinning until later and the roof just gave way and fell into the pool."

Cleaning crews tell us nearly 12-14 vehicles were damaged in the storm.

Megan Budd found her car in a different parking space than the one she left it in, thanks to the storm. Budd told us the scene Sunday night was chaotic.

"i came out and there were just like firefighters everywhere and everybody was outside and we walked out and there were just like five firetrucks and like mass mayhem", says Budd.

Jordan Galvarino and a friend were actually inside one of the damaged vehicles when debris fell right on top of it!

"It sounded like lightning, like a big sudden bang and then quiet", says Galvarino.

Galvarino was accompanied by a friend inside the car, he nor his friend were injured, but he says Sunday night's storm is something he will never forget.

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