EXCLUSIVE: Emma Longstreet's Premonition


By Monique Williams

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) -- David Longstreet, father of Emma Longstreet, a six-year-old who was killed when the family was hit by a drunk driver on their way to church in Lexington, January, 2012, has been very vocal in the fight to ensure his daughter's death was not in vain by attempting to change DUI laws in South Carolina. But, he has an untold story, until now. He says his young daughter had a haunting premonition about her own death.

David Longstreet's ongoing battle to toughen DUI laws in South Carolina...is for a greater purpose, he says.

"I'm here to tell you God is at work," said Longstreet ont he steps of the State House for a rallyt in honor of his daughter.

He says then 6-year-old Emma also knew it before anyone else.

"Emma knew she was gonna die early," he continued.

Here's what David claims prompted that declaration from the baby girl of the family. The week after Christmas 2011 and New Year's Day, 2012, Emma and a friend were comparing Christmas gifts via speaker phone. Emma's young friend was on her way to Florida with her parents.

"...and emma says, 'Oh Libby, I love that gift you got! Can I play with it Sunday?' And Emma said, 'That's gonna be too late; I won't live long.'"

In disbelief, the young friend's parents asked Emma to repeat what they thought they heard her say.

"My daughter was asked again by the family that was driving," said David Longstreet. "...and her friend said, 'What do you mean?'

'No, I won't live long. Sunday will be too late.'"

That Sunday, January 1, 2012, just days after that conversation, Emma Longstreet died when her family was hit by a convicted drunk driver. They were on their way to church in Lexington.
All three of her brothers, mother and father survived the crash.
David now feels Emma's death was a necessary sacrifice in order to convey to South Carolinians heavier consequences for driving under the influence are needed.

The proposed Emma's Law would require all first time offenders with a specific blood alcohol concentration to use an ignition interlock device on their vehicles.

"Emma was a special person for this state."

David Longstreet's hope is the Senate will pass the bill as amended and accepted by the House last week. Should the senate do so, Gov. Nikki Haley could sign the proposed Emma's Law by May 29, to coincide with what would have been Emma Longstreet's ninth birthday.

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