Brett Parker's Ex-Mistress Speaks

Gloves come off while questioning witnesses


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- During the afternoon portion of the Brett Parker double murder trial, prosecutors and defense attorneys called to the stand Lindsay Mullins, a woman who admits to having extra-marital sexual encounters with Brett Parker, who stands accused of killing both his wife, Tammy Jo Parker, and business associate, Bryan Capnerhurst.

Mullins, a former bank teller who was separated from her husband at the time, says she met Brett Parker when he did business transactions at the bank where she used to work. She testified that she and Parker met several times for sexual encounters, one of which took place at the Parkers' home. She also testified to Parker having told her he had a gun for protection and that he wanted to separate from his wife, but doing so would be hard financially.

This morning's testimony began with the cellular and land line phone records of Brett Parker, Tammy Jo Parker and Bryan Capnerhurst, being scrutinized for jurors. Prosecutors tried to establish a series of conversations between Brett Parker and Bryan Capnerhurst prior to Capnerhurst going to Parker's home to collect some $20,000 he said Brett Parker owed him.

Brett Parker is on trial, accused of shooting and killing both his wife Tammy Jo Parker and gambling associate, Bryan Capnerhurst at the Parkers' Irmo home last April.

Defense attorneys objected several times to what they considered to be damaging evidence when prosecutors attempted to bring up extra marital affairs Brett Parker reportedly had. Defense attorneys maintain that, while their client may be an adulterer, it does not mean he killed his wife and business partner. Also brought to light was the substantial debt Bryan Capnerhurst and wife Cindy Capernerhurst were reportedly in. Court testimony revealed that Cindy Capnerhurst was once arrested for, charged with and plead guilty to embezzling $35,000 from a bank, defense lawyers maintain, to pay off her husband Bryan's mounting gambling debt. The defense is trying to prove that Capnerhurst shot and killed Tammy Jo Parker before pulling a gun on Brett Parker and demanding money from a safe in the Parkers' home. Prosecutors say Brett Parker, also an admitted gambler, killed his wife to cash in on a $1million life insurance policy and framed Capnerhurst for the crime.

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