Lawmakers to Shoot Down Gun Legislation

Legislators say CWP classes for teachers not a good idea


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- In anticipation that her colleagues will support legislation to allow concealed weapons at school, freshman Senator Katrina Shealy's concealed weapon permit classes for teachers are underway. However, some lawmakers say she is jumping the gun.

"People who take the time to get a certified weapons permit, these are law abiding citizens," said Republican Senator from Lexington, Katrina Shealy.

Hundreds of those citizens, specifically Midlands teachers, signed on to obtain a certified weapons permit beginning this week. They are going through firearms training classes similar to the ones trained law enforcement officers must pass. The classes, offered by Shealy are ammunition she plans to use to win over state lawmakers when it comes time to discuss her bill. That bill would allow teachers to possess a concealed weapon on school property.

"It's a tragedy waiting to happen," said Democratic Senator John Scott.

He believes Shealy's measure is fueled by the school shooting in Connecticut and adds fear here in South Carolina where there is none.

He is one of several lawmakers we spoke to who plan to shoot down such legislation. Senators Joel Lourie (D), John Courson (R) and Representative Bakari Sellers (D) all agree with Scott.

"Listen, this is not the wild wild west. These are young children we're trying to teach not to be violent and, instead, we arm teachers in the classroom. What message are sending?"
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