Sellers Announces Run for Lt. Gov.

State representative running because he's 'frustrated'


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) -- As the General Assembly's legislative session today comes to an end, one state representative sets his sights on a new beginning and the office of lieutenant governor.

Democratic State Representative Bakari Sellers (Bamberg) announces he intends to become South Carolina's next lieutenant governor.

"I've given my entire adult life to public service," said Sellers. "Over my last four terms in the South Carolina General Assembly, I've just grown frustrated and tired. It's like beating your head against a wall everyday because priorities are not getting taken care of."

In his mind, priorities include taking care of state roads, the state's seniors and having adequate public education.

"I look forward to the challenge of running against whomever is our opposition."

According to the South Carolina republican party, as least one opponent come the June 1 primary is current Lt. Gov. Glenn McConnell. The 65-year-old veteran republican took the oath of office March 2012 after then-disgraced Lt. Gov. Ken Ard resigned amid an ethics scandal.

Sellers has not been without scandal in his own political career. After dash cam video of his DUI arrest in Chester County went viral, the 28-year-old politician was forced to come clean.

"I'm not a perfect man by any stretch," said Sellers. "I was found not guilty of that and we're moving forward, beyond that. It was a situation I won't put myself in again. I believe voters will move beyond that as well."

The state representative says he looks forward to a Vincent Sheheen/Bakari Sellers administration. Meanwhile South Carolina GOP Chairman Chad Connelly released a statement this afternoon saying, "Bakari Sellers's record in the State House of Representatives is one of unabashed liberalism. He has consistently voted to accept the Obama stimulus funds, to implement Obamacare in South Carolina, and against reforming our broken system of State Government."

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