Suspected Kidnapper Back in Court

Freddie Grant being tried on federal ammunition charge


By Monique Williams

COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) - Suspected kidnapper, Freddie Grant, was back in court Monday to answer to a charge that he knowingly was in possession of ammunition after having been convicted of a felony. While he did not take the stand, his daughter, Dominique Grant, did. What she said could make or break his case.

Grant faces the federal ammunition charge, not related to the Gabbie Swainson case, even though he is the lone suspect in the disappearance of the 15-year-old Midlands teenager police say was kidnapped from her Northeast Columbia home in August. Authorities found ammunition in Grant's Elgin home several months ago while searching his property for evidence in the missing teen's case.

As a convicted felon, it is illegal for Grant to own weapons or ammunition.

However, it was Dominique Grant who claims she bought a box of shotgun shells (while purchasing marijuana that was in a bag concealed in the ammunition box) and then purchased the .38 caliber ammunition and a handgun because she feared her then-boyfriend might try to harm her. Federal prosecutors argued Freddie Grant was the homeowner and knew where everything was in the home; the defense maintained Grant did not knowingly possess the ammo since it was transported to the home by his daughter.

Jury deliberations begin at 9:30 Tuesday morning. ABC Columbia News will bring you the latest.

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