HomeWorks Still 'Homeless,' Needs Warehouse

Home repair organization needs new warehouse space 'immediately'


By Monique Williams

Columbia, S.C. (WOLO) -- The sale of a 10,00 square foot facility of open space HomeWorks of America uses to house its materials, supplies and gear has sent founder Hank Chardos and his staff on a weeks-long scavenger hunt for a new space, to this point, to no avail.

Being homeless jeopardizes the organization's ability to continue fixing up the houses of the elderly and others in need because it hasn't found a new warehouse for all of its stuff.

"You would think if you drove down any street in any direction you would see buildings we could use," said Chardos. "But, it's hard to identify who owns the building, what the status is."

Some 800 houses in greater Columbia have been repaired at no cost to the homeowner since HomeWorks began almost 20 years ago. It's service and a tradition Chardos and his team want to keep alive.

However, there has been a reprieve. Chardos says, in part, due to the original news story by ABC Columbia news a few weeks ago, and feedback from the community, the owner of the current warehouse has now extended HomeWorks move out date to May 1.
It had been April 12.

"Those two weeks extra are heaven sent. It really gives us the opportunity to continue with our plan to repair 20 houses on April 12 without all of this going on," said Chardos.

He claims he is in talks with a local non-profit about sharing their warehouse, but it's nothing definite. If and when a new place is solidified, then comes the aruduous task of picking up everything, packing it up, transporting it (he says the amount of supplies equates to 'several tractor-trailer truck-full) and unloading it. Hundreds of hands and feet, he says, will be needed.

In spite of it all, Chardos has hope.

"I know we'll get more calls from people wanting to help."

For more information, or if you have questions, call 803-187-4536, or visit www.homeworksofamerica.org
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