A look at who's filed to be a petition candidate


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — More than three dozen potential petition candidates for Statehouse seats turned in their signatures by Monday's deadline. They are trying to get on November ballots with "petition" beside their names. A look at who filed, in order by the district they want to represent:

—Senate 2: Rex Rice

—Senate 6: Tommie Reece

—Senate 7: Ennis Fant

—Senate 11: Kerry Wood

—Senate 15: Joe Thompson

—Senate 23: Katrina Shealy

—Senate 24: Rep. Tom Young

—Senate 28: Greg Hembree

—Senate 36: Eleazer Carter

—Senate 36: Rep. Kevin Johnson

—Senate 36: Shaun Kent

—Senate 41: Wallace Burbage

—Senate 41: Walter Hundley

—House 1: John Dalen

—House 3: Ed Harris

—House 8: Ted Luckadoo

—House 11: Bob Shirley

—House 13: Robert Merritt

—House 15: Marian Redish

—House 15: Samuel Rivers, Jr.

—House 25: Tony Boyce

—House 28: Raye Felder (petition validated last Thursday)

—House 31: John Lewis

—House 33: Evan Mulch

—House 34: Gaye Holt

—House 36: Jim McMillan

—House 39: Eddie McCain

—House 39: Phil Perry

—House 44: Joseph Coy

—House 53: Phil Powell

—House 56: Dennis DiSabato

—House 56: Mike Ryhal

—House 64: Willie Bethune

—House 64: Robert Ridgeway, III

—House 81: Jane Vaughters

—House 103: Tom Winslow

—House 105: Mike Connett

—House 105: Kevin Hardee

—House 105: Blake Hewitt

—House 105: Bert von Hermann

—House 105: Bill Wiegand

—House 114: John Steinberger

—House 115: Carol Tempel

Source: South Carolina Election Commission

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