USC's New Reptar:Meet Byron The Bunny


By Sports Department: Tim Hill

Streaks are funny things in baseball.

Winning streaks mean you don't change much...same pregame meal, same pregame throwing partner, same seat on the bus and in the dugout, same pre-pitch routine, sometimes even same socks or underwear.

Losing streaks demand change. Different uniform, different lineup, different signals, different batting stance, sometimes even a different haircut or facial hair.

Or you buy a bunny.

After a 4-game losing streak the Gamecocks are hoping a bunny can help get them back to being one of the best teams college baseball.

Click to watch the story of USC's new official mascot, Byron the Bunny, from the Thursday ABC Columbia News at 11.

You can also follow Byron on Twitter (obviously): @ByronTheBunny. After one day on Twitter, Byron has more than 1100 followers.

More than double the followers of the author of this article.

Not that he's bitter.
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