Study: Clemson Has Best Fans In ACC


By Sports Department

CLEMSON, S.C. (WOLO) -- Emory Sports Marketing Analytics has ranked the Clemson fan base as the best in the Atlantic Coast Conference.

On Friday, Emory's business school presented a series ranking the “best” fan bases in college football.
The study used data from the past ten years and the rankings are based on Revenue Premium Brand Equity.  
According to the study, Clemson is ranked No. 1 in the ACC Football Revenue Premium Based Brand Equity Rankings. 
The study says, “While the ACC is best known as a basketball conference, the economics of college sports are primarily driven by football. So, who in this “basketball” conference has the most loyal and supportive football fans?"
“Number one on the list are the Clemson Tigers. In the past decade, Clemson has had very good attendance and revenues in comparison to what would be expected from a team then tends to be just above average on the field. Clemson’s revenues are especially good given that they operate in the ACC (and lack the revenues from being part of the Big Ten network or an SEC television contract). In comparison to other major ACC programs, Clemson has revenues that are in the range of 30%-60% higher.”
For more on the study, click here.
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