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Are Weather Apps Accurate?

I'm often asked if weather apps are accurate. Yes and no. Most of the time they will get you in the ballpark of what the weather will be. But it's important to know their limitations. The forecasts that appear on…

Could Climate Change Affect Your Beer?

According to Climate Central, "Hops are affected by heat and drought, and with 99 percent of U.S. hops grown in the Washington, Oregon, and Idaho (with over 70 percent grown in Washington alone), the drier climate developing in the West…

Are Skyscrapers Causing More Thunder Snow?

Are skyscrapers causing more thunder snow? Scientists say "yes." Here's a fascinating read

Arctic Sea Ice Hit Record Low

The Arctic Sea Ice is at a record low. This is not good news for the planet. The Arctic acts as the planet's air conditioner. As the earth warms, the Arctic is warming at a much faster rate than the…

Statewide Tornado Drill

The statewide TORNADO DRILL takes place tomorrow (Wednesday) at 9:00 AM. This drill is so everyone can test their tornado safety plans and make sure they are getting the warning.

Pollen Season in Full Swing

Pollen Season is here. With the unusually warm February, lots of trees are blooming earlier than usual. The cold nights over the next few days will help a little bit, but not much.

Warmest February on Record

February of 2018 will go down as the warmest on record for Columbia. The average temperature for the month was 60 degrees. That's nearly 12 degrees warmer than the long-term average. Temperature records go back to the 1880's in Columbia.

Tracking the Drought

With the rain the Midlands got on Sunday and Monday, you might be inclined to think that all is rosy in the rain department. Well, not quite. The 2-day rain total for most of the Midlands came up to less…

More Record Warm Temperatures

Over the past 3 days Columbia's temperature has either broken or tied a record for the date. As of today, February is averaging a staggering 11 degrees warmer than the long-term average. It's very likely that this month will come…

So What's a Super Blue Blood Moon?

Tomorrow morning we will be treated to an event that doesn't happen very often. According to the folks at Sky and Telescope the last time this happened was 1982. And Fox5 News in Washington, DC says that the last time…

2017 Was 3rd Warmest on Record

2017 was the 3rd hottest year globally on record. Surface temperature records go back roughly 150 years. That makes it the 41st consecutive year where global land and ocean temperatures came in at least a bit higher than the 20th-century…

Wednesday's Snow Update

The snow will start in the Western Midlands around 4:00 AM and push southeast, arriving in Columbia by around 7:00 AM. It may initially start out as a wintry mix, but will quickly turn to all snow. As the storm…

Wednesday Snow

Snow will move in from the northwest on Wednesday. It should start in the northwestern Midlands by around 4:00 AM and exit the southeastern Midlands by around 1:00 PM. Snow accumulations should total about an inch for all of us.…

Record Cold Spell

We just weathered the coldest stretch ever recorded in Columbia: 6 consecutive days where the temperature fell below 20 degrees. The previous record was 5 consecutive days and that happened in January of 2010, 1981, 1970, 1928, and 1900.

Look Up to See Geminid Meteor Shower!

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) - If you're looking for a light show Wednesday (12/13), just look up. The annual Geminid Meteor Shower begins tonight and NASA experts say it will be visible all over the world. For the best view get…

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