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2 Year Anniversary of the Flood

Today marks the 2nd anniversary of the flood that decimated many parts of the Midlands. That was an awful night - a night I'll never forget and hope that never comes again. As a meteorologist, weather is a lot of…

Hurricane Hugo Hit 28 Years Ago Tonight

On this night, 28 years ago, Hurricane Hugo blasted through South Carolina. It was a night that wont ever be forgotten. The storm made landfall just north of Charleston as a Category 4 Hurricane with wind gust to 138 mph.…

Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria slammed into the tiny island of Dominica on Monday night. This is the first time in recorded history that a Category 5 Hurricane has come within 100 miles of Dominica. On Wednesday Maria is expected to make a…

Is it Time for a New Hurricane Scale?

The recent hurricanes have stirred the discussion of whether we need to update our existing hurricane scale. We currently categorize hurricanes from 1 to 5 bases only on wind speed. But that doesn't really cover the whole issue. Take Sandy…

Ocean Waters Cool Under Hurricanes

Check out this image that shows the ocean temperature. It's pretty easy to see where hurricanes have been recently. That's because the storms mix and cool the water as they pass over the top.

Irma Rain Totals & Wind Gusts

Check out these two links for Midlands rain totals and wind gusts from Irma.

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