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Very Rare Event

Today is the first day of summer. Today is also a full moon. Neither of these events is rare. But it's rare when they happen together. The last time this occurred was 1948 (68 years ago). Then next time it'll… continue reading ›

Summer Solstice

Today is the first day of summer. To be more precise, summer begins at 6:34 this evening. That's when the sun's rays shine directly over the northernmost point on the earth all year. On this first day of summer, we… continue reading ›

It's not the heat. It's the humidity...

You've heard this expression many times before... This week has been particularly muggy. The temperatures have been hot for sure with average highs in the mid to upper 90's. But when you factor in the humidity, it feels hotter. Here's… continue reading ›

Heat Can Be Dangerous

This weekend will deliver the hottest temperatures so far this season. So remember to take it easy - especially in the afternoon. And just a reminder that heat kills more people in the United States than all other weather events… continue reading ›

Seasonal Hurricane Forecasting

Right around this time of year a lot of folks are interested in the hurricane season. Will it be a busy one? Will there be a lot of storms? Will a storm hit me? There are several organizations that issue… continue reading ›

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