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First 90° of the Season

Columbia reached 90° for the first time on Wednesday. In case you're wondering how this compares to average - it's pretty close. When you look at all the first 90° days since 1888, the average is April 30th. A quick… continue reading ›

Weather Blog: A look at Tornado Season

So far this year the number of tornadoes is running a bit below average for the United States. The average for the period from 2005 to 2015 is 436 through April 24th. This year we're sitting at 297. Unfortunately that… continue reading ›

International Space Station

Tonight the International Space Station will be easy to see as it flies overhead. If you've never seen it, tonight will be a good night for viewing. It flies by like a slow moving, bright star - appearing to travel… continue reading ›

Poor Air Quality

As the temperatures warm up on Tuesday, the air quality will go down. So what's in the air that makes the air quality poor? DEHC keeps track of the concentration of "ground-level ozone" when referring to air quality. This ozone… continue reading ›

The "Wedge"

Temperatures are going to run a little cooler than usual the next few days, and that's courtesy of something we weather people often refer to as the "wedge." This happens when we get an area of high pressure to our… continue reading ›

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