Bones Found On USC Campus Most Likely Research Cadavers

Just behind Desaussure College on the Horseshoe, university archeologists poke, brush, and scrape, uncovering bones that initially had people buzzing about the Civil War era battlefield hospital on this same site in the 1860’s. “We’ll have to look at the pattern of what all the bones, what we collect, what they look like, how they’ve been treated in terms of modification, saw marks, that sort of thing, to determine whether they’re amputations from live people or whether they are cadaver specimens,” said PhD student Bill Stevens. The cadaver specimens he refers would be part of a medical school research lab, which the site also was at one point. So far, signs point to medical school research, not battlefield injuries. The excavation of the site will finish up as early as Thursday, though the work on the bones themselves could last for a year.