The New Public Image of Jenny Sanford

After saying that her husband should have, at some point kept his mouth closed about his affair, South Carolina First Lady Jenny Sanford continues to speak out…about everything. As folks in the Midlands await her book signing this Friday, a local advertising executive weighs in on the state’s first lady’s new image. “It’s a professional campaign. She’s been guided by someone who knows what they are doing,” said Cynthia Gilliam. Gilliam, who is president of Semaphore, Inc., says Jenny Sanford’s comeback is a public relations win for Sanford, professionally and personally. “I think she stood at the gate of her home with a sword and said, ‘I’m controlling this situation and you take what I have to say and I’m not gonna cut across from my message.’” While the majority seems to approve of that message, to some, it has come across to some as cold and aloof. “I think people are trying to suggest she’s trying to capitalize on the circumstances,” said Columbia resident, John Grego. Gilliam attributes Sanford’s stoic demeanor to her shy, private nature. “I think when you’re in the public eye, you’re supposed to cry in your room with the door closed. When you’re a mother you’re supposed to cry in your room with the door closed, shield your kids, and she’s done a good job.” Jenny Sanford is scheduled for her first book signing this Friday at Barnes and Noble on Forest Drive in Columbia. It begins at 7:00pm. The read is entitled, Staying True. In the book, Sanford gives a detailed account of her life with the governor and the events that led to their split. She is scheduled to do a total of three book signings.