Former Turbeville Child Care Worker Arrested

The sign outside the Free Will Baptist Home for Children in Turbeville reads, “if we don’t stand up for children, we don’t stand up for much.” Executive director Todd Parrish says the mission is to put children first, but a former staff member is accused of taking advantage of the kids. Director Parrish says, “This situation is shocking no matter how often you may hear about it in society.” 53 year old Arley Atchley has been arrested and charged with 2 counts of criminal sexual conduct. Director Parrish says Atchley was let go from the children’s home in Turbeville about a year ago because of economic cuts. According to the South Carolina Free Will Baptist website, Atchley then took a job as the pastor of New Prospect Free Will Baptist Church in Pamplico. It wasn’t until just recently that children’s home executive director Todd Parrish says more than one child came forward to tell him they had been abused by Atchley. Director Parrish says, “I received from several of our children specific allegations.” Clarendon County Sheriff Randy Garrett says less than six children, all of them males ages 12-16, have come forward to say they were sexually abused by Atchley. Parrish says staff at the children’s home have spoken to other children who were there when Atchley was on staff. He says the victims are getting professional counseling Director Parrish says, “Sometimes because it’s not as visible as a cut on the arm or a broken leg, people tend not to treat it as seriously, but emotional scars sometimes are extremely deep.” Nathan Wall is the administrator for New Prospect Christian School in Pamplico. The school is right beside the church where Wall says Atchley is a pastor. He says Atchley has not had any contact with the children at that school, but that he did send a letter home Monday notifying parents that Atchley has been arrested. Jail administrators say Atchley remains in the Clarendon County Detention Center.